Behavioral Health (BH)

Milestone believes in a recovery-oriented philosophy of behavioral health treatment that is individualized, strength-based, person-centered and which adheres to the values of respect, empowerment, responsibility and hope.  Supporting someone through recovery starts with our Central Intake process.  Appointments are scheduled as soon as possible at the convenience of the consumer.

To learn more about Milestone’s Behavioral Health Services, or if you are having an emergency: 


Raymond Webb Building
712 South Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15221
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Penn Center Office
Penn Center East Building 7
777 Penn Center Blvd, Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
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Milestone offers a full-continuum of behavioral health services:


Full Care
Full care residential services provide 24 hour supervision and assistance by Residential Advisors trained in behavioral and medical issues.  Milestone helps new consumers find comfortable homes and compatible housemates in neighborhoods of their choice.  Transportation is provided for work, leisure, health care, shopping and social activities.  Resident Advisors assist consumers with meal preparation, self-care skills and work on specific skill development areas.

Moderate Care
Offering hearing and hearing-impaired community apartments.  As needed, staff visit residents in their apartments as well as in the staff office.  Level of care is determined by the individualized goal plans.  Individuals in this program do not require the full-time availability of staff but do benefit from regular assistance with their activities.  Many in this program move on to independent living.

Enhanced Supportive Care
Provides an independent living setting for consumers.  Staff coverage is Monday through Friday, 9am -5pm.  Consumers live in one and two bedroom apartments located throughout Wilkinsburg.  Consumers that have transitioned to this level of care have demonstrated the ability to maintain themselves in the community with limited supports.


Partial Hospitalization Program
Milestone offers two specialized partial hospital programs.  One is for people who have an intellectual or developmental disability and a behavioral health diagnosis.  The other serves people who are Deaf and have a behavioral health diagnosis.  Services include intake, assessment, psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring, individual and group therapy.  Services are recovery-focused and program outcomes focus on communication, coping skills and community integration.

Psycho-Social Rehab
This group-based programming includes ceramics, art studio, cooking, wellness, health & fitness and computer activities.

Senior Services

Our Autumn Bridge Program serves older adult consumers who are diagnosed with a mental illness and/or intellectual challenge by offering group psychotherapy in addition to psychosocial groups.  Consumers are given the opportunity to socialize with their peers and participate in activities designed to address life changes that occur with age.


Our Threshold residence is an apartment complex providing residential programming for deaf adults.  Threshold offers staff trained in sign language and Deaf Culture, 24-hour treatment for full care residents, assistance in development of daily living skills and social skills, medication monitoring, service coordination and apartments equipped with assistive devices.

Day Treatment
Milestone offers a specialized partial hospital program for deaf consumers with intellectual and behavioral health challenges.  Services include intake, assessment, evaluation, monitoring and more.  Program outcomes focus on symptom stabilization, coping, social communication and problem-solving skills.


Intake & Assessment
Individuals seeking outpatient services are referred to the Intake Department.  The Intake Clinicians work directly with the individual in completing an initial assessment of needs, determining if Milestone is able to provide the appropriate level of services, determining insurance and fee arrangements and scheduling appointments.  If Milestone is not able to provide the appropriate level of service, the Intake Clinicians link the individual to appropriate resources in the community.

Service Coordination
The Service Coordination Unit (SCU) is responsible for helping consumers access services in a timely manner, ensuring that services provided are appropriate and linking consumers to available resources in the community.  To ensure that consumers are provided with access to quality, cost-efficient services the SCU utilizes a multi-faceted approach that includes individual assessment, service planning, quality assurance, outreach and engagement and coordination of services.

Individual, Group and Family Therapy
Individual psychotherapy is specifically designed for children, adolescents and adults.  Therapy focuses on helping consumers cope with problems, symptoms and issues in order to better manage their lives and improve functioning.  Group Therapy is designed to help people living with mental illness improve their quality of life.  The groups offer different focuses including women’s issues, wellness strategies, coping skills, a teen group and a group for consumers struggling with addiction recovery in addition to mental illness.  Family therapy focuses on helping the family function in more positive and constructive ways by exploring patterns of communication and providing support and education.

Medication Management
Staff psychiatrists assess the need for medication, provide medication monitoring and discuss recommendations with the consumer. 


Host Home
An intensive, therapeutic, child-focused and family-orientated service for children ages 3-17 who require emotional and behavioral stabilization.  Children live in a therapeutic home environment for 6 – 24 months where they learn how to develop better communication and coping skills before they return home.  The Host Home program can also provide respite care services for children ages 3-17. 

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS)
BHRS is a psychotherapeutic service that “wraps care around” the child/adolescent in their environment.  Services are provided in the home, school, community and the planning of services involves the child, parents, school, case managers, insurance company and any other providers of services to the consumers that wish to be involved.  In order for a child to receive these services they must meet intense medical necessity criteria.  Milestone provides these services to consumers who live in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh.

School-Based Services
Provides school based services under contract with the following districts:  Gateway, Penn Hills, Riverview, Wilkinsburg and Riverview Children’s Center.  The services are unique to each district based on what the district sees as the needs of their students.

Service Coordination and Clinical
A recovery oriented program which utilizes natural supports to assist children with mental health challenges achieve recovery, employment, educational opportunities and self-sufficiency.  Service Coordinators provide linkage, referral, benefit assistance, coordination of care services, advocacy and 24/7/365 emergency response services.


Chain of Hope Consumer Drop-In Center was developed to serve all behavioral health and developmental disabilities consumers in Allegheny County who desire the opportunity to engage in fellowship with other consumers.  Our goal is to help consumers reestablish links to the community by both informal activities and structural programming.  Our vision is the total empowerment of mental health and mental retardation consumers in all aspects of daily life.  This is achieved through peer support and role modeling.